Blocking Double Extensions Except For . . .

Julian Field jkf at
Mon Apr 8 12:31:56 IST 2002

At 23:08 03/04/2002, you wrote:
>Funk Gabor wrote:
>>>>I want to block most double extensions.  However if the file is
>>>>whatever.vbs.pdf I don't want it to be blocked.  So I want to have a
>>>>list of extensions that I know are safe (txt, pdf, jpg, etc) and allow
>>>>those through even if it is a double extensions (ie document.0302.pdf).
>>>>I put an allow line for txt's at the top of my filename file but it's
>>>>still being blocked.
>>Count me too.
>>(I also had to disable it because of "my_curric.vit.pdf" and alike...)
>I have no problems in getting the pdf double ext working. We needed if
>for faxes.
>Did notice thou, it will not work if you use tab as a space at the
>beginning of the line. Use space.

The format of each line of the file is 4 fields, each of which are
***tab-separated*** as mentioned at the top of the filename.rules.conf file.
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