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Julian Field jkf at
Thu Sep 27 12:33:47 IST 2001

At 11:34 am 27/09/2001, you wrote:
>His suggestion was that we should be able to "white list" individual
>email addresses and never mark them.  I realise that there is already
>a facility to never mark email from certain IP ranges but this
>wouldn't be appropriate.
>How simple would it be to add a file of white-listed sender addresses
>to mailscanner, any email from one of these addresses to never be
>marked with a {SPAM?} tag?

It's done.

There will now be an (optional) file containing email addresses and/or
email domains. Any sender address that appears in there, or any sender
address whose domain (everything to the right of the @ sign) appears in
there, won't ever be marked as spam.

Now back to the testing...
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