Enhancement request

Paul Haldane Paul.Haldane at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Mon Sep 24 11:47:23 IST 2001

We're using Mailscanner in test service on one of our mail hubs and
would like to move to using it on all of them replacing a home grown
solution based on sendmail's filters.

One facility that our local stuff has that Mailscanner doesn't have (I
think) is the ability to rename attachments as they pass through - for
example we currently rename attachments such as "thing.exe" to
"thing_exe".  Idea being to make executable attachments non-executable
(at least without a fair amount of effort by the recipient) even with
files that have been passed as clean by the virus checker.  There is
is concern here over possible time lags between viruses/worms being
active and signatures for that virus/worm being in the anti-virus

I know we could just reject such attachments using the filename rules
but we'd rather not do that.  Would other sites find this useful (as
an option)?  Is it something that could be added easily?  I'm guessing
(without a proper look at the code) that it should be possible since
Mailscanner has to get the attachment filename to apply the filename

Paul Haldane
Computing Service
University of Newcastle

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