Version 2.42 released

Julian Field jkf at
Mon Sep 10 15:29:07 IST 2001

I have just released Version 2.42.

This version allows you to modify the subject line of mail identified as
being likely spam. The default behaviour is to add "{SPAM?} " on the front
of the Subject: line. You can switch this feature off if you don't like it
using the 2 new configuration variables
         Spam Modify Subject
         Spam Subject Text
which are both documented at

(The names of these 2 options have changed slightly from what I proposed on
the mailing list last week)

There is also a new "Sophos.install" script which deletes old versions of
Sophos more carefully than Sophos' own installation program, to provide two
levels of protection against the Sophos upgrade problem I told you about a
little while ago. Replacing the old version of this script with this new
one is advisable.

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