Wrong body with wrong headers!!! ?

John Hawkes-Reed jkha at HPLB.HPL.HP.COM
Mon Oct 22 16:46:00 IST 2001

Julian Field wrote:

[ ... ]

> It's a sendmail fault. It shouldn't have given 2 messages the same message
> ID. Later versions of sendmail solved this problem by completely changing
> the way they allocated message IDs so it cannot now allocate the same
> message ID twice in less than about 60 years.
> Never seen sendmail do this one before...

Hell's donkeys.

<AOL>M3 too.</AOL>

Possibly, anyway. I've had a report this AM of an outgoing message body
being replaced with some spam at some point between <user> and
<mailinglist archive>.

I strongly suspect Ugly Coincidence, though.

Ugh. Mondays.

John Hawkes-Reed
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