Version 2.52-1 released

Greg Boehnlein damin at NACS.NET
Thu Oct 11 18:48:45 IST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Deanne Palmer wrote:

> I upgraded to release 2.52-1 yesterday morning and love the new
> features.  We're using the 'Deliver in Background' feature and it
> appears to be working very well.
> I also added check_mailscanner to the crontasks yesterday (every 20
> minutes).
> However, twice within the past 24 hours, mailscanner has become hung.
> It's still running, but nothing is passing out of The last
> time it looks like it restarted at midnight, but never processed
> anything after that.
> When I came in this morning there were over 7000 messages waiting in
> and only 70 in mqueue.
> I killed mailscanner and ran check_mailscanner to restart.  Everything
> is moving right along now, although it will probably take a few hours to
> catch up.  This is running on an E250 Solaris 8.
> Plenty of disk space available all around.  Non-default options in the
> config : Deliver Method = queue rather than 'batch',  Notify Senders=
> no,  Notify Postmaster = no,
> Deliver in Background = yes.
>   Any ideas regarding why mailscanner seems to be getting hung up?
> Anyone else having this problem?
>             - Deanne

I have experienced this a couple times since I installed 2.52-1 on a
Redhat 6.1 Linux box. I got a core dump once in the directory,
and it looks like it was a malloc problem that caused it, but I didn't go
into any detailed analysis. I just scheduled check_mailscanner to run
every 15 minutes via cron.

It is repeatable behavior, but I can't pinpoint when/where it is
happening. I don't really want to point the finger at mailscanner, as this
box is old, but pretty stable. It handles quite a bit of mail:

Statistics from Sat Apr 14 14:58:07 2001
 M   msgsfr  bytes_from   msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis  Mailer
 0        0          0K    40562    4183530K        0       0  prog
 4  2343781   47643017K   652351   30325034K   100279       0  esmtp
 9   497392   29254335K  2663857   61160666K    57896       0  local
 T  2841173   76897352K  3356770   95669230K   158175       0
 C  2841173              3356770               773599

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