Mailscanner Newbie Questions

Greg Boehnlein damin at NACS.NET
Tue Oct 9 12:19:10 IST 2001

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Julian Field wrote:

> >What I believe is happening (correct me if I am wrong) is that the
> >incoming QueueOnly sendmail process is using /etc/, while the
> >delivery sendmail process is using /etc/
> Both sendmail processes are using the same file (whatever
> location was compiled into your copy of sendmail), just the incoming one
> over-rides a couple of the options.

I guess I am not clear at all, then, how mail delivered to my Primary MX
( is then being turned around and delivered to my Secondary
MX ( I realize it is a sendmail issue, but I'm stumped.

I don't have anything in the /etc/ file.
The /etc/ has a Cw entry of localhost.locadomain
/etc/mail/relay-domains has "" and "" in it.

Care to shed any light?

> >I do have the system working now. I.E. I am able to send, disinfect and
> >quarantine messages. Mail is delivered properly over to the main incoming
> >mail server.
> Yay! Good news. :-)

Yes! It is.. but I'm still confused! ;)

> >Let me be more clear on that. ;)
> >
> >I have the domain in /etc/mail/relay-domains. According to my
> > file this allows relaying from any system. This works
> >fine. Now that I have correct /etc/ files in place, RBL and
> >AntiRelay support is working properly.
> >
> >Here is a copy of the .mc file that I am using for
> >/etc/ It is a little overkill for just a
> >forwarder, but what the hell....
> Nothing will be using actively /etc/, I
> just supply it as an example file that you might want to use as your
> file unless you already have one. Sorry if I caused any
> confusion over that point, I think I'm going to remove the file from the
> distribution altogether. It was only ever intended as a sample but seems to
> cause endless confusion, sorry about that.
> You should just use the file you already had on your (working)
> system before you started installing MailScanner.

Alright.. I'll work with that... but please enlighten me as to the above
question. ;)

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