Michael Forrest michael at ERG.ABDN.AC.UK
Mon Oct 1 23:36:34 IST 2001

Hi Julian,

Just ran a test of the new timeouts, a 600k file that expands out into a few
hundred megabytes. The "Commerical scanner timed out!" message appeared in
the syslog after 5mins, although the sweep process is still thrashing away
on the same message? (its been going now for 26mins on the one file, and the
mail queue is at a complete stand still and growing by the second with other
mail hotfooting it into the queue).

I thought the idea of the timeout was to kill/stop the daemon from carrying
on with the scanning past the threshold timeout value.

Have just manually shut down the mail processes and deleted my offending
mail from the queue to get things moving again.

Any info/suggestions is greatly appreciated?



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