E-mail scan with McAfee

Bruce Huang y.huang at UTORONTO.CA
Fri Nov 30 20:51:41 GMT 2001

Hi Nick and all,

>That would appear to be all as expected & OK. Does it behave the same when
>the infected file has spaces in its name?
I am not sure since I have no infected file.  By thinking I maybe did some
not correct, I deleted the mailscanner and resinatlled from scartch. I
still get the same result.

Folloing the placese I changed:

mailscanner.conf:Virus Scanner      = mcafee
mailscanner.conf:Sweep              = /usr/local/mcafee/mcafeewrapper

I am not should I chnage config.pl. But I found it does not make any
difference if they are specified as sophos or mcafee.
# $Config::Sweep                = "/opt/sophos/bin/sophoswrapper";
$Config::Sweep                = "/usr/local/mcafee";

# $Config::VirusScanner         = 'sophos';
$Config::VirusScanner         = 'mcafee';

Thanks for any advise.


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