Sophos + Mailscanner Why both??

Ryan Pitt ryan at MARINOCRANE.COM
Wed Nov 28 13:13:22 GMT 2001

Mailscanner is an application that filters all incoming and outgoing
email on my Linux mail server. Mailscanner by itself scans and filters
Spam email but when you add Sophos Sweep to the mix, it also scans for
email viruses in the email itself and email attachments. Sophos Sweep
automatically checks for new virus definitions from the Sophos website,
thereby keeping your virus scanning software up to date.
I have only been using them for about 2 weeks and they work very well.
When a virus is found, Mailscanner emails everyone concerned including a
user specified mail admin address.
I have managed to get rampant email viruses under control in just a few

I recommend it!

Hope this helped clear things up for you.

gcrothers wrote:

>I've been lurking in this list for some time, trying to understand
>mailscanner and its relationship with Sophos Sweep.
>Can someone enlighten me and tell me why I need mailscanner as well as
>Is sweep on its own not sufficient to act as an email scanner.
>garry crothers

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