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Julian Field jkf at
Tue Nov 27 09:24:55 GMT 2001

At 20:13 26/11/2001, you wrote:
>The only changes that I remember making that I think would have an effect on
>this would be the instructions on your installation guide ie.
>"The first thing left to do is to tell the sendmail program where to find
>your mail server. Edit the file /etc/ Look for a couple of lines
>somewhere near the start of the file that start with "DM" and "DH". Replace
>the text after these letters with the full name of your existing mail
>server, e.g. "mailserver.your.domain"."
>This is where I added ""
>Do I need to add all the domain names here or do I add them somewhere else?

You want to get your sendmail setup working perfectly before installing
MailScanner. Then just leave your file alone, install
MailScanner without touching it, and everything will work fine. Sorry if
the docs are misleading, I will fix them.
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