Email Domain Names

Ryan Pitt ryan at MARINOCRANE.COM
Mon Nov 26 20:13:17 GMT 2001

I am running Sendmail along with Mailscanner and Sophos Antivirus.
Everything is working fine except for an address problem.  The name of the
mail server is "" and I serve 3 different domains with
this one server ie. "", "", ""

Now when a user from any of these domains sends an email, the recipient sees
the sender email address as "user at" instead of
"user at" or "user at"

The only changes that I remember making that I think would have an effect on
this would be the instructions on your installation guide ie.

"The first thing left to do is to tell the sendmail program where to find
your mail server. Edit the file /etc/ Look for a couple of lines
somewhere near the start of the file that start with "DM" and "DH". Replace
the text after these letters with the full name of your existing mail
server, e.g. "mailserver.your.domain"."

This is where I added ""

Do I need to add all the domain names here or do I add them somewhere else?

Thank you
Ryan Pitt
SG Marino Crane Service Corp

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