RAQ3: All mail suddenly started disappearing into void

Simon Blandford home at SIMONB.ORG.UK
Sun Dec 23 18:48:59 GMT 2001


I just installed Mailscanner and Sophos on a Cobalt RAQ3. Once I got the
queues on the same partition it all worked fine for a few days. Then on
Friday it stopped for no known reason.

Now incomming mail is simply disappearing in a black hole. These are the

1) If I go to the Web Admin interface, System Status, the email server LED
is shown as grey i.e. no information when last tested.

2) If I send an email to an account on the server, I can see the mail has
arrived in /var/log/maillog but nothing gets as far as
/home/spool/mail/<whatever user>, no error message gets sent to admin.

3) /var/spool/mqueue, mqueue.in, Mailscanner/incomming directories are all

3) The mailscanner and sendmail processes are running.

4) If I restart the mailscanner process or even reboot the server there is
no change in symptoms.

Is there any more places I could be looking for clues?
If all else fails, what do I have to do to uninstall Mailscanner so I can at
least have the server working again as it was before?

Simon B.

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