mailscanner & exim - solved

Rajesh Fowkar rfowkar at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 19 00:19:20 GMT 2001

Nick Phillips saw fit to inform me that:
>On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 10:00:15PM +0000, Rajesh Fowkar wrote:
>> After installing I realised that if I give mailq from a user login
>> mailq -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf
>> it does not work. You have to be root to do that. So now I have created a
>> script called mq
>> sudo mailq -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf
>You might be better off setting the exim option that allows any user to
>view the queue, depending on what users you have on the box.

If I don't start mailscanner and start only one exim process than mailq
works for all the users. This happens only when I start two exim processes
for mailscanner. However using sudo everthing works. Thanks fine.

>> Another thing, for exim I have to change the ownership of Mailscanner and
>> exim_incoming.
>> chown -R mail.mail /var/spool/MailScanner
>> chown -R mail.mail /var/spool/exim_incoming
>Not quite sure exactly what's what there... but evidently your "new"
>spool directory permissions should be the same as the original ones:
>drwxr-x---    5 mail     mail         1024 Apr 13  2001 exim
>drwxr-x---    5 mail     mail         1024 Apr 13  2001

Yes. That's true. Since if you are using exim the owner and group running
the process are 'mail' /var/spool/MailScanner and its  subdirectories too
should be owned by 'mail' to do the scanning. However after converting rpm
to deb and installing the owner of /var/spool/MailScanner is root which has
to be changed using chown. Otherwise no scanning takes place.

>...which is a much better way to install it than messing about with CVS,
>for oh-so-many reasons.


>I've just started working on a basic installer. Once that works (it's not
>a high priority, so it'll take a while), I'll move onto the frankly rather
>scary task of building a Debian package of the whole thing. Hopefully by
>then I'll be living in the much lower-stress environs of Dunedin, NZ (rather
>than SW London) and not have too much else to worry about. Then it might
>be a bit easier to concentrate.

All the best.


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