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Rajesh Fowkar rfowkar at YAHOO.COM
Mon Dec 17 21:54:42 GMT 2001

Nick Phillips saw fit to inform me that:
>On Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 11:23:59PM +0000, Rajesh Fowkar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am on dial-up connection at my home. Now after configuring mailscanner &
>> exim everything works fine mail is checked, warning sent. But if I send a
>> mail to outside domain from my home machine say xyz at than the mail
>> is scanned and than it waits in /var/spool/exim/input
>> But when I do mailq nothing is visible.
>This is expected. Exim and all the standard tools will use the standard
>compiled-in location of the exim config file, which is the mailscanner's
>incoming queue.
>Use "mailq -C <outgoingconffile>"

Thanks Nick for the help.

I tried everything as per the docs. But even after doing

mailq -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf

I don't get anything.

rajesh at debian:~$ l /var/spool/exim/input/
total 8
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          292 Dec 17 21:02 16G4uL-00006L-00-D
-rw-------    1 mail     mail          758 Dec 17 21:03 16G4uL-00006L-00-H
rajesh at debian:~$

As you can see after scanning the mail is in /var/spool/exim/input

>"exim -C <outgoingconffile> -qf"
>...or similar.

debian:/etc# exim -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf -qf

Nothing is sent.

I have got the following in /usr/local/Mailscanner/etc/mailscanner.conf

# Set location of sendmail binary, location of incoming mail queue
# and location of outgoing mail queue.
MTA                = exim
Sendmail           = /usr/sbin/exim
Incoming Queue Dir = /var/spool/exim_incoming/input
Outgoing Queue Dir = /var/spool/exim/input

# Sendmail2 is provided for Exim users.
# It defaults to the value supplied for Sendmail.
# It is the command used to attempt delivery of outgoing
# (scanned/cleaned) messages.
Sendmail2 = /usr/sbin/exim -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf

In /etc/exim.conf I have added the things as per the docs.

Anything else to be done. I think I am missing something silly here.

Please help.

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