mailscanner & exim

Nick Phillips nwp at LEMON-COMPUTING.COM
Mon Dec 17 11:20:26 GMT 2001

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 09:08:57AM +0000, Julian Field wrote:
> At 23:23 16/12/2001, you wrote:
> >-------------------------------------------------------------
> >/usr/sbin/exim -bd
> >/usr/sbin/exim -C /etc/exim_outgoing.conf -bd -q15m
> >/usr/local/MailScanner/bin/check_mailscanner >/dev/null
> >-------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm not an Exim user, but if that was sendmail there shouldn't be 2 "-bd"
> lines above, only 1. In sendmail the 2nd one shouldn't have "-bd".

Didn't notice that. It won't matter, as the second exim won't be able to
bind to a socket that the first is already listening on, but you're right
that it shouldn't be there.

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