Cost of Virus Scanner!

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at KONSULTEX.COM.BR
Wed Dec 12 11:00:17 GMT 2001


You may be interested in looking at this site:

and in particular at:

This is written in Java so I don't know what the preformance and stability would
be like. I have found that any Java solution is usually problematic, but I
haven't used any in the last 6 months, so stability and performance enhacements
are a pretty big probability. As someone pointed out in this list, the problem
of keeping the patterns up to date is huge and I would say that that's whatyou
are paying Sophos for. However you may find many other alternatives on the Open
Anti Virus site useful to your needs. Since I also need this, if you find
something intersting, let us know. :-)

I was frankly under the impression that I could use 1 license of Sophos on the
server. From the comments on this list it looks like this is not true.

Best Regrds

Carl Hogue wrote:

> I have been checking into alternatives to Sophos over the past couple of
> days and I have concluded that their licensing fees are comparable to the
> other anti-virus products.  Some of the alternatives are not available for
> Linux, so that narrows my options even more.  Sophos is working very well
> with MailScanner on my server, so I am inclined to recommend to my company
> that we license it, but I want to try to negotiate a bit more realistic
> license fee based on our company's modest size and needs, if my friendly
> neighborhood Sophos dealer is so inclined.  Unfortunately, he has not yet
> answered my last message to him regarding the price issue.
> There does seem to be a bit of irony in pairing an open source utility with
> an expensive commercial product, but the reality is that there are no open
> source anti-virus programs (that I am aware of) and anti-virus software does
> seem to be an increasingly necessary addition to a mail server.
> Best Regards,
> Carl Hogue
> carl at

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