Cost of Virus Scanner!

Scott Farrell sfarrell at ICCONSULTING.COM.AU
Wed Dec 12 08:04:09 GMT 2001

I don't think that there is any irony. The one thing I don't mind paying
for is someone watching out for all the new viruses, and delivering me
patches on a daily/hourly basis to detect new nasties.

There is a open source virus program in the wings (I cant think of the name
at the moment), I dont know how far away it is , but I think the upkeep
will be huge to catch all new viruses.

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I have been checking into alternatives to Sophos over the past couple of
days and I have concluded that their licensing fees are comparable to the
other anti-virus products.  Some of the alternatives are not available for
Linux, so that narrows my options even more.  Sophos is working very well
with MailScanner on my server, so I am inclined to recommend to my company
that we license it, but I want to try to negotiate a bit more realistic
license fee based on our company's modest size and needs, if my friendly
neighborhood Sophos dealer is so inclined.  Unfortunately, he has not yet
answered my last message to him regarding the price issue.

There does seem to be a bit of irony in pairing an open source utility with
an expensive commercial product, but the reality is that there are no open
source anti-virus programs (that I am aware of) and anti-virus software
seem to be an increasingly necessary addition to a mail server.

Best Regards,
Carl Hogue
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