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Wed Dec 5 16:33:03 GMT 2001

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 03:42:16PM -0000, Quentin Campbell wrote:

> The message below is typical of a sort that I often receive. Many of our
> users have become wary (as they should be) about opening any attachment,
> particularly where the word "virus" is present in the message.
> This is becoming an obstacle to them opening the attachment that
> MailScanner helpfully sends with the recipient warning message. I wonder
> how things could be restructured so that the recipient warning does not
> induce this reaction so strongly? Perhaps I need to modify the text of
> the warning so that it is more clearly seen to be a message from us that
> can be trusted; has anyone approached this problem in the same way?


I needed that. It's been a bad day. I wish our users were that paranoid.

I guess they just need to get used to what it looks like. Maybe you could
put a web page up on your internal web site to show what it should look
like, and reference the URL in the plain text warning.

Or even just send round a plain-text mail to everyone to tell them where
to find your anti-virus help page (which they should look at if they're
ever in doubt)...



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