Alternatives to Sophos

Stephen Lee splee at PLEXIO.COM
Mon Dec 3 16:37:58 GMT 2001

As I understand it, the SAV license covers both the server and the
desktop so NAV wouldn't be needed. You can even run a client copy at

<rant> What bugs me about Sophos though, is that they are not very
obvious about their pricing structure. Pricing is not on their website
and even if you asked for it by email, they insist you try the demo
first - why bother if it is too expensive in the first place? Having
asked Sophos on several occasions for pricing for a particular number of
users at a certain geographic location (Canada) without much luck, I
finally broke down and tried the demo. Several more emails and phone
calls later, I finally got some prices. It's like pulling teeth!

The US/Canada pricing quoted to me was: $150USD for 1 user, $120 for 2-4
users, $85 for 5-9 user and $60 for 10-? users. In the end, SAV _is_ a
nice product but is expensive and is targetted at the corporate market.

Thanks to those responding to my original request for alternatives to


On Mon, 2001-12-03 at 07:41, Tim Tyler wrote:
> Yes, Sophos appears to force a site license as a necessary purchase if you
> want to protect all users using mailscanner.  This creates a dilema since we
> are heavily invested in Norton at the desktop level.  If we want to stay
> with Norton at the desktop and use Sophos at the server level, we would be
> caught with a double site license essentially.  This for us is like paying
> an extra $5k or $6k per year.  That creates a bit of a dilema for us as an
> educational institution without much of a budget.
>   I wish it were possible to negotiate some compromise on the licensing
> issue.  We are nearing the end of our testing phase with Mailscanner and may
> have to turn it off if we can't work out a budget agreement for Sophos.
> McAfee is just as bad.  Alternatively, I wish Norton would create something
> to work with mailscanner - hence removing our particular dilema.  I have
> written to them about this, but I am not very optomistic.
> Tim
> >
> >Peter Valian wrote:
> >
> >> If Im not mistaken, you technically only need one license to run on your
> >> mail server.  Only one user is *technically* scanning mail (root).
> >>
> >
> >You're mistaken. The license is actually for the number of users to be
> >protected by the software...
> >
> >
> >>
> >> we use mcafee on our campus...we have some sort of site license for
> >> desktop scanning software and they just gave us the unix scanner as part
> >> of that agreement.  I have no idea what we paid.
> >>
> >> -peter
> >>
> >> Stephen Lee wrote:
> >>
> >> >Hi,
> >> >
> >> >I am currently running Mailscanner 2.60-2 and the demo version of Sophos
> >> >on a Redhat7.1 - Sendmail 8.11.6. It works very well but the Sophos
> >> >license for 10 users is $600 USD. When converted to Canadian dollars,
> >> >that is very expensive for us. We only have 5-6 mail users so it's hard
> >> >to justify the cost especially when you consider that each desktop copy
> >> >of Norton AV is around $40. Are there alternatives to Sophos that work
> >> >with Mailscanner which might be more friendly on the pocket for small
> >> >businesses?
> >> >
> >> >Thanks for any suggestions.
> >> >
> >> >Stephen
> >> >
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