Possible corrupt tnef binary in MailScanner 2.40

Syshelp syshelp at soton.ac.uk
Thu Aug 30 10:08:40 IST 2001

This reminds me...

The other day on one of the mail relays we found things had "hung" and
the cause was a TNEF unpack process which had been running for 30
minutes, of which 20 minutes were on CPU and most worryingly had grown
to a size of 650 MEGABYTES!  The winmail.dat file it was unpacking was a
massive 77kb ;)  It had suceeded in extracting a file from the TNEF.

Has anybody else ever seen this?  I assume it's unrelated to the problem
described below.  Is there any way a TNEF archive could cause
"recursion" in some way in the unpacking process?  Or maybe it's just a
bug in TNEF itself :)

Anyway, just a FYI...


On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Julian Field wrote:

> Release date: 29/08/2001
> Introduction
> ============
> This only affects you if you are running MailScanner on Linux or Solaris.
> I have just discovered, from my own checking, that some of you may have a
> corrupt copy of the pre-built Linux or Solaris "tnef" binary that was
> distributed as part of MailScanner 2.40. I don't believe the problem
> applies to other versions, but it is worth checking your installation never
> the less.

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