Exim 4.97 Seems to Break MailScanner 5.4.5 due to Change in MessageID Length?

Tony Yates tony at canetoad.co.uk
Tue Nov 7 04:44:01 UTC 2023


On 06/11/2023 19:27, Shawn Iverson wrote:
> On 11/6/23 14:11, Tony Yates wrote:
>> ...
>>   # We have to strip the message-ID off the beginning of the file
>>   # using sysread since that is what File::Copy uses and it doesn't
>>   # play nicely with stdio operations such as $body->getline. The
>>   # magic number 19 is from the length of NNNNNN-NNNNNN-NN-D\n.
>> The magic number 19 is then used below that:
>>  sysseek($from_h, 19, 0);
>> I guess the new Message-ID structure would definitely break that.
> Now comes the fun part of fixing it so that both old and new can work.

Indeed that is the fun part!  Have also just noticed that the magic 
number block is also used in another Sub in that file - "sub 
WriteEntireMessage {", I should have spotted it sooner as it makes 
logical sense given the way MailScanner works, d'oh.

Not pretty, but would a config option for Exim version (> 4.96) cut it 
for now and a magic number 'switch' (19/26) in the code?



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