Exim 4.97 Seems to Break MailScanner 5.4.5 due to Change in MessageID Length?

Tony Yates tony at canetoad.co.uk
Mon Nov 6 16:44:43 UTC 2023

Dear MailScanner,

I just tried an upgrade of Exim to the very recently released version, 
4.97 and the mail system seemed to break.  Messages disappeared.   They 
wold show as a line entry in a Mailwatch recent messages list, but the 
actual message behind that entry would return Message ID 
'7h01hZ-000000004Pk-1fWj' not found!

I note from the release notes on 4.97 that the Exim internal MessageID 
format has changed,

as per:  "The internal (but exposed in logs, Received: headers and 
Message-ID: headers)
    identifier used for messages is longer than in the previous release"

From: 7h02TT-0001wI-1b

To: 7h01hZ-000000004Pk-1fWj

I'm wondering if this might be the cause, but not sure yet where to dig 
in to the code and see.  I'm hoping that you might know the answer 
without the need to dig too far?




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