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Thanks Peter, this would help.

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>Try these:
>SEM-FRESH  etc for domains registered recently.
>On 10/05/2023 21:51, Tracy Greggs via MailScanner wrote:
>>I know this is a question for the SA users group but I wanted to throw 
>>it in here in the even anyone has any ideas or existing solutions.
>>So, here we go.
>>We almost never get any phishing email from domains over 1 year old.
>>We get a lot of phishing email from domains less than 1 year old.
>>I would love to be able to have an accurate way of scoring up email 
>>from domains less than fill in the blank days old.  In my case 380 
>>days.  This way we could review them for validity and release them if 
>>they are good.
>>An accurate way of performing this check would save us quite a bit of 
>>Ideas or solutions to this anyone?
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