My System Filter is not working

Jason Gottschalk Jason at SYO.Com
Wed May 3 03:24:43 UTC 2023

Hello Mailscanner,

I am trying to create a filter to rewrite the from and to of messages we send to our internal fax service.
My requirements are:
Determine if the message is from one of three allowed domains
If yes, then determine if the message is being sent to our fax software.
if yes, then
    change the from address to the address our fax software will respond to
    change the to address to the format our fax software knows how to handle
    add some headers for our own tracking.
This filter is in a new file in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/sysfilter/options
This is what I have so far, 
if ($h_from: contains "@(||"
then if $h_to: contains ""
headers add "Actual-From: $h_from:"
headers remove From
headers add "From: sendfax at"
headers remove Reply-To
headers add "Reply-To: $h_from"
headers add "Actual-To: $h_to:"
headers remove To
headers add "To: $local_part at"
Any pointers or suggestions would be most appreciated!
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