Cannot find Socket (/var/run/clamd.scan/clamd.sock) Exiting!

Mark Sapiro mark at
Tue May 2 15:58:59 UTC 2023

On 5/2/23 08:28, Macheta, Andy via MailScanner wrote:
> I'm running a test VM (Alma Linux 9) with 
> Spamassassin/Postfix/MailScanner/clamd at scan but it looks like the 
> problem is with the socket even though it exists and has the right 
> permissions:
> srw-rw----. 1 clamscan virusgroup 0 May  2 15:09 
> /var/run/clamd.scan/clamd.sock

What is your setting for `Run As Group`? Is that group a member of 

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