New attachment type?

Valentin Laskov it at
Mon Oct 10 10:26:51 UTC 2022


Did you try

/usr/bin/file --mime-type open

to determine file type? See

"... accept or reject file attachments based on their content as 
determined by the "file" command ..."


На 10.10.2022 в 11:16, mailscanner at написа:
> Hello list
> Just received a new virus mail where the body of the text is asking to 
> "update" IMAP adress blabla
> There is a 159 byte attachment with the email named "open" without any 
> extension at the end. Outlook does seem to recognize it as there it 
> places an icon before the attachment (windows logo at the top with a 
> rectangle at the bottom).
> Is anyone else seeing this, how can I stop it or how can I block 
> attachments without extension?
> Thanks!!
> Remco

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