Spamhaus DQS

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at
Thu Jan 13 01:13:11 UTC 2022

I'll have to do some reading up and double-check. At first glance, you 
shouldn't have to do anything with MailScanner, since MailScanner calls 

On 1/12/22 4:53 PM, Sean Ali wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> I’m looking to deploy MailScanner and would like to know if it can work with our subscription to SpamHaus’ Data Query Service (DQS) DBL. It works with a SpamAssassin plug-in.
> Is there anything that needs to be done with MailScanner for this to work? Or is that separate?
> I couldn’t find much info about it. So any suggestions on where to look would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Sean.

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