Only allow email from domain "x.y.z" from specifc IP's

Budi F bfebrian at
Wed Jun 23 13:38:30 UTC 2021

We uses MailScanner version 5.3.3, CentOS release 7.8.2003 and

We have another domain, called "x.y.z"  which is our sister company.
Right now we put domain "x.y.z" into our whitelist, but it become a
problem when we received many spoof emails claim from domain "x.y.z"

Is it possible that we only allow email from domain "x.y.z" only from a
specific IP address, and reject the rest?

We can use SPF but that means we need to exclude domain "x.y.z" from our

Or if there any other way that we can receive only the valid email from
domain "x.y.z" ?


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