do not report attachments sent to some users

Nerijus Baliunas nerijus at
Sun Feb 21 20:42:46 UTC 2021


I have a mail backup configured in postfix, so that all received and sent messages are forwarded to
backup-recvd-username at and backup-sent-username at
The problem is when disallowed attchment is sent.
Sending user gets:

Our e-mail content detector has just been triggered by a message you sent:

  To: backup-sent-user at, email at
  To: backup-recvd-user at, user at
  Subject: ...
  Date: Fri Feb 19 09:45:41 2021

One or more of the attachments (2021 02 18.doc) are on the list of unacceptable attachments for this site and will not have been delivered.

How do I hide these backup-recvd-user at and backup-sent-user at
I tried adding:
Allow Filenames = %rules-dir%/filename_allow.rules


To:    backup-recvd-*       \.*$
To:    backup-sent-*        \.*$

FromOrTo:       default

But then message with disallowed attachment is delivered to both backup-recvd-user at and user at


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