Dangerous in-line attachments

Pramod Daya pramod at mindspring.co.za
Mon Dec 13 11:25:09 UTC 2021

No - only in phishing.bad.sites.conf and in phishing.bad.sites.custom.

For good measure I cat "bit.ly" at the end of the phishing.bad.sites.conf file but it's still getting through.  

Any tips on how to debug with a test file, please  ?

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On 12/12/21 3:10 AM, Pramod Daya via MailScanner wrote:
> Thank you.  I put “bit.ly” into the phishing.bad.sites.custom as per 
> the docs – but perhaps the phishing.bad.sites.config is putting a 
> subsequent incorrect entry for “bit.ly.” which is overwriting my 
> entry.

An entry for `bit.ly.` in any of the phishing.bad.sites* files would not override one for `bit.ly`. It's just another site to test for. Do you perhaps have an entry for `bit.ly` in phishing.safe.sites.custom?

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