Dangerous in-line attachments

Pramod Daya pramod at mindspring.co.za
Sun Dec 12 11:10:21 UTC 2021

Thank you.  I put "bit.ly" into the phishing.bad.sites.custom as per the docs - but perhaps the phishing.bad.sites.config is putting a subse          quent incorrect entry for "bit.ly." which is overwriting my entry.

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bit.ly is a "url shorter service"
the phishing.bad.sites.conf.master.  file has a link with a typo i think.
that shows bit.ly.  ( with the last dot )

you can add it in :  phishing.bad.sites.custom
Then its in again.


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I'm getting links like this not getting picked up by Mailscanner  (using a LibraEsva tester)

[cid:image001.png at 01D7EF57.BEC0F970]
Pointing, as you can see, to a dodgy website (the one at bit.ly).

I must be omitting some obvious setting that's  allowing these through..  I would deeply appreciate some assistance on how to detect them, please.

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