MailScanner 5.3.3-1 Released

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at
Mon May 25 20:42:44 UTC 2020

Dear MailScanner list,

MailScanner version 5.3.3-1 is now available.

Special thanks to Andrew Colin Kissa of Baruwa for contributing 5 
updated antivirus wrappers and cleaning up duplicate code!

I am in the process of making changes to automate the build testing and 
packaging of MailScanner to better detect self-inflicted harm ;)

As part of that process, the Build* scripts will no longer prompt for a 
version and will read the VERSION file located in the repository and 
have simpler code.  Also, the ~/msbuilds directory has been flattened 
since each package has a unique name and makes automation easier.

Please note that official builds are now part of the release tagging in 
Github, located here, instead of the source repo, where they can be 


Shawn Iverson
shawniverson at
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