HTML disarming died, status = 13

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Mon Jun 29 12:43:06 UTC 2020


I am having trouble reproducing the issue on my end. I am still looking 
into this. This is looking more like a failure to spawn the child 
process and pipe the results back to the parent process.

Error 13 on a pipe is "Permission Denied." This can be caused for a 
variety of reasons. Filesystem permissions, mandatory access control 
issues (i.e. SELinux or Apparmor), and kernel level issues such as 
hitting an upper limit that is set too low or a kernel bug.

What do you currently have for this setting in MailScanner?

"Ignore Denial Of Service"

On 6/29/20 3:47 AM, Ferry van Aesch via MailScanner wrote:
> I’m still trying to get my head around this. These failures genuinely 
> seem to be random. Amazon notifications for instance, very standard 
> layout, most come in perfectly fine and recently one of them failed. I 
> run it through the queue again and it passes without failure. I’m a 
> bit lost tbh.
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> *Date: *Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 19:24
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> Hi Shawn,
> Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Please see the sanitised 
> email attached. (I assume attaching works with the mailing list?)
> It’s not happening with every message indeed; but it’s a reasonable 
> amount of the emails it processes. I just ran the original message 
> (cat message|sendmail -t) and it was delivered without a problem.
> Thanks!
> Ferry
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> *Subject: *Re: HTML disarming died, status = 13
> This message is by design, as long as you are not caught in a loop and 
> it is not happening with every message.  There's something in the HTML 
> that killed the child spawned to perform the disarming.  Depending on 
> the scenario, a sample of the email (sanitized) might be helpful to 
> isolate what is going on here and improve the HTML Disarming code.
> Shawn

Shawn Iverson
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