Bayes issue

Miron Jajtić miron at
Mon Jul 27 08:21:43 UTC 2020

On 24. 07. 2020. 02:18, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Miron Jajtić wrote:
>> No matter does I disable or enable bayes inside of
>> /etc/MailScanner/spamassassin.conf or change bump score to negative, etc.
> Did you restart spamassassin or whatever the spamd service is called on
> your server after making changes. Restarting MailScanner won't do it.

Yes, restarted on every change, it's spamd service.

>> What's interesting is when I test the same message directly with
>> Spamassassin and using above config file, then bayes rules are not
>> activated.
> And how do you test 'directly' with Spamassassin?. If you use the
> `spamassassin` command, that will read your config files, but if
> MailScanner is using spamd, it is still using old files until you
> restart/reload spamd.

Directly is tested using `spamassassin -t` command.

I've added this one sender on MailScanner whitelist, it's not helping at

It's not even marked as whitelisted in report.


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