Integration of MailScanner and Exim / a new approach using Exim's multiple queues

Heiko Schlittermann hs at
Tue Feb 11 19:30:26 UTC 2020

The legacy approach requires two distinct configurations and two
independently running daemons.

Downsides are:

- Exim's utilities do not cooperate well (exiwhat, exipick, exigrep)
- System startup configuration is not straight forward

I created a new setup and promised to supply a short description.

See also:

This is *not* exactly what I implemented for a customer, so it needs to
be tested.


MailScanner and Exim with multiple queues

Author: Heiko Schlittermann <hs at>
Date: 2019-10-XX


Newer (since 4.92 I believe) Exim MTA are able to process messages on
multiple queues. This gives us a new approach for MailScanner

Message flow in a two-queue Exim setup with MailScanner

- Excactly one Exim daemon is running (exim -bd -q3m)
- Messages are accepted via SMTP on port 25
- Incoming messages are placed in the queue named "mailscanner"
  (and logged as Q=mailscanner in the common mainlog)
- MailScanner picks the messages and moves them to the
  default queue if done

   SMTP> :25 ---> [ Exim Listener (-bd) ]
                   Queue "mailscanner"   ($spool_dir/mailscanner/input)
                   via MAIL ACL
                  [ MailScanner ]
                   Queue "default"    ($spool_dir/input)
                  [ Exim Queuerunner (-q3m) ]

Exim setup

We use Exim's "named queues" feature and start Exim in "combined" mode
(one daemon as listener, forking queue runners from time to time).


- Exim now understands a -qG<queue-name> command line option for
  queue operations

- Exipick now understands --queue <queue-name> command line option
  (since 4.93+fixes)

,---[ exim4.conf ]--------------------
| CONFDIR = /etc/exim4
| # Use the MAIL ACL to place incoming messages into a non-default queue
| acl_smtp_mail = acl_check_mail
| begin acl
| acl_check_mail:
|   # When accepting the message, we deliver it to the "mailscanner" queue (not "input"!)
|   accept queue   = mailscanner
|          control = queue_only

MailScanner setup

,---[ Mailscanner.conf ]----------------------------
| # Main configuration file for the MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner
|| Incoming Queue Dir = /var/spool/exim4/mailscanner/input
| # Set location of outgoing mail queue.
| # This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
| Outgoing Queue Dir = /var/spool/exim4/input
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