envelope-from header missing

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Dec 7 02:56:54 UTC 2020

On 12/6/20 12:43 PM, Emanuel Vidmar - Avant.Si wrote:
> Mark, thank you for your reply.
> I am not sure what could have caused that, this is a fairly simple
> cPanel (Exim) + ConfigServer Mailscanner setup. No special
> configuration. I have contacted ConfigServer's support first, this was
> their answer:
> "Outbound notification from MailScanner does not have the envelope-from
> field and therefore the From in MailControl is not populated. I'm afraid
> there's nothing we can do from our end to resolve this issue, you'd need
> to check the MailScanner newsgroup to find out if there is anything that
> can be done."

I guess this is an issue with MailControl. If MailControl is rewriting
the From: with the envelope sender, they just can't handle this mail.
Judging from their web site, I think it's likely they are doing just that.

Note that a null MAIL FROM: address is perfectly legitimate any time you
don't want an undeliverable DSN returned. For one example, almost all
MTAs send DSNs with null MAIL FROM: to avoid bounce loops. MailScanner
does this with user notifications for similar reasons.

Do you have to send mail via MailControl?

Note that the places where MailScanner sends with a null envelope are at



Although MCP probably isn't involved in your case, and





You could patch those lines changing '<>' to $localpostmaster. I.e.
change something like

... SendMessageString($this, $emailmsg, '<>')


... SendMessageString($this, $emailmsg, $localpostmaster)

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