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Kenneth Hansen kenneth at
Fri Dec 4 11:43:52 UTC 2020

This can be kind of hard with just the configuration file.
MailScanner does however generate a detailed spam report in which you can see which rules affect the spam score of the emails.
So I would suggest that you look at that. If I am not mistaken, it is added to the logfile, but I have mostly been working with tools like MailGuardian and MailWatch, where the information is logged to a SQL database.

Otherwise, a quite small and easy thing to do is to change your "SpamAssassin Score" to a lower value, which would then filter out more mail

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On Fredag, December 04, 2020 11:11 CET, Kirijan J via MailScanner <mailscanner at> wrote:
  Hi Team, We are using MailScanner with Zimbra mail server. We are receiving lot of spam on that. Can you help me on this. Some spam mails are blocking and it's stored to quarantine folder. Some spam mails are not blocked. I have attached mailscanner.conf for your reference.  Thanks & Regards,
Kirijan J+91 8508085049

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