Mailscanner not using Clamd

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at
Tue Aug 25 13:50:43 UTC 2020

No, postfix isn't the culprit here if MailScanner is actually processing 
the emails.  Do you see clamd being invoked by MailScanner in your mail 
log at all?

On 8/25/20 9:42 AM, Nigel Kilner wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using MailScanner 5.3.3, Postfix 2.8.11 & Clamd 0.102.4 on Suse 
> Linux 12.2 (yes its is old). Until recently I had F-prot working with 
> Mailscanner to scan emails but Cyren have stopped supporting F-prot 
> (or will have by July 2021). Si I thought I would use Clamav (clamd) 
> to do virus scanning. Unfortunately although Mailscanner finds clamd 
> and detects the test file emails don't seem to be going 
> through clamd. e.g. I sent an Eicar test file to my gmail account 
> expecting it to be found by mailscanner/clamd but it doesn't get 
> found. In fact there are no log entries in mail for clamd during 
> sending/receiving emails.
> I have checked my configuration for mailscanner, clamd and postfix but 
> can't see anything obvious. However I found the mailscanner postfix 
> instructions which states 
> postfix needs to be CHROOTED to work with Mailscanner.  Is this 
> necessary? my postfix is a suse system package v 2.8.11-2.6.1 which I 
> can Chroot it if necessary via Sysconfig.
> Thank you
> Nigel

Shawn Iverson
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