Upgraded to 5.3.1-1 but no more Spamassassin

Jan Böjeryd jan at bojeryd.org
Tue Apr 14 13:03:42 UTC 2020

Hi again,


Sorry for late reply.

I actually came to my senses some time after I sent the first mail and did a “yum install spamassassin” but it installed the old version again, 3.4.0


Attaching my log since I can’t see anything going wrong.


// Jan


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Subject: Re: Upgraded to 5.3.1-1 but no more Spamassassin




You should have a log /var/log/mailscanner-configuration.log.


It should tell us why.


On 4/13/20 5:01 PM, Jan Böjeryd wrote:

Hi all, 

I upgraded from 5.2.2 a couple of hours ago by 

rpm -Uvh MailScanner-5.x.x-x.rhel.noarch.rpm
/usr/sbin/ms-configure --update 

but now Spamassassin has disappeared. 

no traces of Spamassasin in /usr/bin 

Could anyone please give me some clues what to do. 

Spam is flooding my system. 

I'm using Postfix as MTA and running on CentOS7 

// Jan Bojeryd, Sweden 


Shawn Iverson
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