MailScanner 5.3.1-1 Now Available

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at
Sun Apr 12 14:09:51 UTC 2020

MailScanner 5.3.1-1 is now available.

This update includes a fix to detect DOS attack observed in the wild 
that causes MailScanner to consume all memory.

Special thanks goes to Andrew Colin Kissa for identifying and providing 
the patch to mitigate this attack.

It is strongly recommended that all MailScanner users update to the 
latest version, as well as to address CVEs in older versions of 
SpamAssassin.  The new ms-configure update script will automatically 
take you forward to Spamassassin 3.4.4 with all needed dependencies.


Shawn Iverson
shawniverson at
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