MailScanner-processes uses up all RAM

Alexander Neck aneck at
Tue Apr 7 11:50:58 UTC 2020

Dear Mailing-List-Members,

We're using MailScanner for  a few years now. Since a short while, we experience MailScanner-processes that use up all the memory and then even force the system to start swapping.
We did not manage to isolate the error/Source of the Error, from checking with lsof/strace.

If checked with strace, there are only hundreds of the following Info's:

brk(0x6e15b3000) = 0x6e15b3000
brk(0x6e15d4000) = 0x6e15d4000
brk(0x6e15f5000) = 0x6e15f5000
brk(0x6e1616000) = 0x6e1616000 they go on an on....

If checked with lsof, it's always a MailScanner-process in Status :waiting:, but there is no info, what it's waiting for, neither can I find any errors on the system, regarding this problem.

Did any of you, experience something similar? Does anyone know how to get more Information about the Error/Problem?

Best Regards,
Alexander Neck

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