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Mon Oct 28 22:13:18 UTC 2019

> Or you could just use the single regexp
 > .*\.com[^.]*\.xml(\.gz)?$

> which will match anything followed by '.com' followed by 0 or more non dots followed by '.xml' and either ending there or followed by '.gz'.

Nice.  I did just, thanks.

>> For some reason it stumbles on this filename:
>> I wanted to try to debug why, so I went to and for the regex entered:
>>   .*\.com[^.]*\.xml\.gz$
>> And the filename for the test string
>> It reports a "Full match"

>As you see, your regexp matches that name, but

>> But MailScanner still stumbles on it and replaces the attachment with the text warning:
>> "This is a message from the MailScanner E-Mail Virus Protection  Service
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> The original e-mail attachment ""
>> is on the list of unacceptable attachments for this site and has been 
>> replaced by this warning message.

>Mailscanner says the name it's looking at is "" without the .xml.

>What are the headers of all the sub-parts of the message? You should be able to find the message in MailScanner's quarantine.

Normally when (my) MailScanner stores spam/nonspam, it puts a single file in /var/spool/MailSanner/quarantine/<DATE>/nonspam (or spam).  When the message is blocked for a bad filename it lands in /var/spool/MailSanner/quarantine/<DATE>/QUEUE.ID which contains the message, and any attachments separated out.  Here's an example of one such message:

"" isn't present in the original message.  I presumed that MailScanner was just repacking the filename similarly to what it does in the report when encountering an overly long filename.  

> The results from `file` are only relevant for file type rules, not file name rules.

I know - I just added that to cover my bases.  

> Again, the name MailScanner is rejecting is "". To understand why, we need to see all the MIME part headers from the message.

It's in the pastebin post.

Thanks much...

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