Mark Sapiro mark at
Wed Oct 9 18:02:18 UTC 2019

On 10/9/19 10:28 AM, Kevin Miller wrote:
> Thanks Mark.
> Total spaced the archives.filename.rules.conf - that was the ticket.  I had to expand the regex a bit as follows:
>   allow   *\.com*\.xml$           -       -
> to allow for the series of characters before and after .com but before .xml but that was easy enough once I took the quarter you sent and bought a clue! :-)

These are regexps, not globs. Mailscanner recognizes this common error
and converts a leading * to .*, but not others, so *\.com*\.xml$ will
match names ending with '.com.xml', '.comm.xml', '.commm.xml;, etc, but
not, e.g. '.comic.xml'.

you want '.*\.com[^.]*\.xml' to match names ending with .com followed by
zero or more non-dots followe by .xml.

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