Comodo for Linux?

Peter H. Lemieux mailscanner at
Wed Nov 6 18:57:13 UTC 2019

Are you using clamd?  On my server it takes less than a second for 
MailScanner to query clamd and determine if something is infected.  In 
fact, it runs both clamd and SpamAssassin in at most a second.

clamd takes a while to start up since it needs to read all the 
signatures into memory.  In operation, though, it's quite speedy.


On 11/6/19 7:07 AM, Danita Zanre wrote:
> FYI - we're a small family site using ClamAV - and while it would not be 
> out of the question to "purchase" AV, free is nice!  ClamAV has been 
> causing us all kinds of issues, and results in almost every message 
> being delayed at least 5 minutes.  If there are other free or 
> inexpensive options we should look at that already work with 
> Mailscanner, I'm all ears!

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