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I have the same setup. 

check the age of the files in /var/spamassassin/version_number/ 

check wether there is a spamassassin update script in /etc/cron.daily (you will find nothing in your logs to check wether sa-update is working) 

If old files quick fix run as root: sa-update --verbose ; service mailscanner restart 
Script to auto-update: [ | ] 

In /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf check and change the following parameters: 

Log Spam = yes 
Log SpamAssassin Rule Actions = yes 
Max Spam Check Size = 20m 

restart MailScanner after this and check your logs 

Tip 1: Use is a great collection of spamassassin rules 
Rules are here: [ | ] 
Script to auto-update: [ | ] 

Tip 2: Use to improve ClamAV detection 
It is an paid extension to ClamAV, but it costs less than € 30/USD 35 per year (You only need pro version to protect your mail server) 


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Onderwerp: MailScanner and Zimbra 


We use MailScanner on our mail server. 

MailScanner scans the incoming mails and relays it to a VM with Zimbra 8.8.15 installed. 

However we notice that Zimbra's spam software captures many spam mails which are not captured by MailScanner. 

Why is this so ? 


Thomas Stephen Lee 

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