MailScanner and Postfix restart issue

Vitaliy T vitaliy.tokarev at
Wed Jul 24 16:14:45 UTC 2019


Sorry, if the question below was already asked. Quick googling gives no

I have encountered with the issue when the mailscanner just stop processing
any mail after the postfix's restart. There were no 100% CPU usage, just
mailscanner processes do nothing.

I need to restart postfix to update its configuration (hash databases to be
clear). This is done by cron automatically.

Is it possible that restarting postfix has affect on work of the
mailscanner process? I mean, is MailScanner is using socket connections to
postfix, may be file locks/checks or something similar?

Are there recommendations about this case?

Thank you!

EFA installation
CentOS 6 x86_64

With Best Regards,
Vitaliy V. Tokarev
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