Virus Scanner Rules to disable a specific virus scanner per ip/domain

Valentin Laskov it at
Wed Jan 30 07:14:59 UTC 2019

May be, if you managed to run second special configured instance of 
MailScanner. First with f-secure and the second with clamd

I don't know how :)

На 29.01.2019 в 20:31, Mark Sapiro написа:
> On 1/29/19 8:08 AM, info at wrote:
>> Hey, thanks for your answer.
>> But turn this key "Virus Scanning = FILESET-RULE" would turn off both,
>> clamdscan + f-secure, right? There only the possibility virusscan yes/no?
>> I would like to disable only clamdscan for specific domains, but keep
>> enabled f-secure for them.
>> Is that possible?
> Not with current configuration options. MailScanner does not currently
> support a rule set for the 'Virus Scanners' setting. I don't know how
> difficult it would be to implement that.

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