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Nicola Piazzi Nicola.Piazzi at gruppocomet.it
Tue Jan 22 07:52:43 UTC 2019

Hi everyone
As anyone  knows doing virus scan takes cpu time to invoke command that loads libraries, and this is done for each message we receive

So, for example, clamscan takes 15 secs and sophos takes 7 sec
This cause an intensive cpu work in our machine to scan each message

Clamd remediate to this because it scan messages using daemon that have loaded libraries one time only and is only invoked for each scan  resulting in a cpu time near 0

Not so for savscan (or sweep) for sophos that take 7 secs of cpu

I found that there i salso sophossavi, but i was not able to use it (64 bit system)
Someone can tell me if sophossavi acta s clamd doing a cpu save ? and if is possible to have a way to use it on 64bit systems  ?

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