More antivirus fun...

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Perfect.  I'll make a quick edit and test.

Do you know if this patch is in the latest stable release?  I'm on 5.0.7 and notice MailScanner v5.1.3-2 is available...

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On 2/22/19 9:56 AM, Kevin Miller wrote:
> Thanks – I’ve always used the zip files so am clueless regarding git. 
> Can I just download rep_viruses.php and drop it in place?
> Shawn wrote:

I don't use MailWatch and have no idea about the current state of
rep_viruses.php, but Shawn's referenced PR just changes the MailScanner
file usr/share/MailScanner/perl/MailScanner/ If you go
to you will see the
diff which just replaces lines 1512-1515 in that file with a single
line. You can either just edit your file or you can download the whole
file at
or you can download a patch at

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